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 Maria-sama ga Miteru (MariMite)

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PostSubject: Maria-sama ga Miteru (MariMite)   Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:43 pm

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"The maidens who assemble in the Virgin Mary's garden pass through the tall gate, as always, with angelic smiles on their faces. Their pure bodies and minds are wrapped in dark-colored school uniforms. The pleats on their skirts shouldn't be disorderly and their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here. The Lillian Girl's School is a garden for maidens." -Yumi Fukuzawa.

Genres: drama, romance, slice of life
Themes: soft yuri

Title Translation: Maria Watches Over Us
Plot Summary: Yumi is a first year student at the Lillian School For Girls, an exclusive all girl's catholic school. The school has a tradition that older girls take a younger girl as their little sister or "soeur" in order to instruct and look out for them. Though Yumi admires Sachiko, a reserved second year student who is a member of the student council, she has no hopes of being chosen as her soeur. When an innocent encounter leads Sachiko to impulsively ask Yumi to be her soeur, Yumi is suddenly brought into the inner circle of the Roses, who are the members of the student council. With Sachiko at her side, Yumi begins to unravel and understand the relationships between the Roses and their soeurs and figure out her own feelings for Sachiko.
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Maria-sama ga Miteru (MariMite)
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